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Havurat Shalom Inclusion Statement

Because of our commitment to social justice, including the disability rights and Deaf movements, we are always working to make Havurat Shalom accessible to people with disabilities and to the Deaf community. For specific questions about disability or Deaf access, please feel free to contact us.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Havurat Shalom has had several Deaf-accessible/ASL interpreted Shabbat and holiday services. Members of the Deaf and Havurat Shalom communities jointly created and led two successful Deaf-hearing Passover seders.

We are happy to reserve seating in front for those who need it. Havurat Shalom's telephone is voice only. The fire alarms at Havurat Shalom have strobes. There is a telephone amplifier available.


The first floor of Havurat Shalom, including the prayer room, living room, dining room and bathroom, is wheelchair accessible via a wheelchair ramp. The second floor, including the children's prayer room, childcare room and library, is not wheelchair accessible. The bathrooms are gender-neutral.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Havurat Shalom requests that people refrain from wearing perfume, cologne or aftershave. However, we cannot guarantee that people will honor this request. The interior walls were painted in the fall of 1995. At that time, construction was done to become wheelchair accessible and remodel the kitchen, including installing new linoleum and cabinetry in the kitchen. The exterior of the building was painted in the summer of 2011. The stove is electric. The heating is by radiators powered by a new, well-sealed gas system in the basement. The rugs are many years old. There are no pets or smoking in the building, although occasionally someone may bring an assistance dog. The ventilation is good. There is an air filter on the first floor which is left running all the time. Havurat Shalom is a smoke-free environment. We use only fragrance-free cleaning products.

The interior walls of the first floor were painted with no VOC, msc-safer paint in October of 2003. At that time, there was also construction done on the 2nd and 3rd floors, all using least toxic materials.

There were new cabinets and a new kitchen floor installed in the summer of 2016.


Street parking is available. Limited parking for people with disabilities is available in back of the Havurah.

Public Transportation

Havurat Shalom is 5 blocks from the Davis Square T stop, which is wheelchair accessible. We are also on the 94 and 96 bus routes. Please see our directions page for more details on how to get to Havurat Shalom.


During services at Havurat Shalom, people commonly sit on the floor as well as on chairs. There are two couches. We have some wide chairs for people of size. People who have difficulty getting up or standing are encouraged to feel comfortable remaining seated during standing prayers.


There is a page magnifier available. Havurat Shalom is in the process of getting our prayer materials in large print. Please call to find out which materials are currently available in large print or to let us know if you require Braille prayer books. We provide the brochure or fliers on tape on request. The prayer room and living room have good lighting.

last modified: 2016-08-28